Why you should start selecting people you hang out with on your way to success?

I recently sat down with a new friend I met while attending the L’core Paris celebration event in Las Vegas. She was the marketing professional for L’core Paris. I was intrigued by the glow of success in her eyes and wanted to know more about her life and why she chose to work for L’core Paris.

One of the main conclusions that I have made about her, is the quality of people she hangs out with. The people she spends time with, determined where her life is going.

It was once said by Jim Rohn that you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.

This quote has always been powerful for me; this has motivated me over the years to change the people I hang out with. When I was younger I did not select the types of people I tend to hang out with. I just talked with anyone and this has led me to learn a lot about in life- but as a result I lost a lot of time. If I wanted to stop being average in life I had to start hanging out with better people.

What better way than to get in contact with top marketing advisers like L’core Paris. I admired Lucy Gomez, for her tenacity in answering L’core Paris complaints over the span of her career. She was able to change the way clients perceive L’core Paris as a brand.

Advice on your way to success:

If you want to be successful, you need to start selecting the people you hang out with; it is just the same as picking a quality skin care brand. If you expect great results for the skin, you have to be prepared to go for high end luxury brands that contain better formula. But if you want to remain stuck then you will just go for cheaper brands that do nothing for you.

It is all about selecting the right kind of people to hang out with and to create a community that inspires you and motivates you.

For it really does not matter how smart you are, and how talented you are or which skills you have or where you are born, the thing that would matter the most according to her is your ability to pick the people who surround you.

Select the 5 people in your life, whom you should be hanging out with and start from there. Take note of the people you hanged out with for the last 24 hours and determine which ones are inspiring.  Note it down, and reflect on which of these individuals are worth hanging out and talking to because not everyone deserves your time.

Once you have a list of these people, determine if they are giving you new ideas and if you still want to push your relationship further with them and why. Determine if this people are giving you words of encouragement and reflect on individuals that are not giving you strength. Retain people who help you advance in your career growth and make sure to give time for them.

Do not be afraid to lose some friends or the counsel of some family members because not every person you hang out with can do something worthwhile for your mind.

Select the people you hang out with:

There are certain relationships in life that you don’t have to cling to for so long. Retain great people and let go of individuals who are no longer working with the same purpose as you. You need to spend less time with people who do not enrich you. Only work with individuals who help you grow- work with the smartest people in the room. Cling to individuals who are happy, enthusiastic about their life and those that give you beneficial daily interaction. The power of working with influential individuals will drive your career high.

If you can, hang out with your CEO, the builders and movers in your company. As a marketing manager for L’core Paris, she was able to interact with the best people in the advertising field. The ones who are able to make good contact with positive individuals will stay strong. Hanging out with the right people will motivate you to the next level in your life. You are the average of the five people you meet. Take my word for it.

The people you spend your time with, will make up who you are. Avoid hanging out with people who talk negatively about work, even during your break time make sure that you are hearing beneficial and inspiring things from workmates. Do not hang around people who dislike their jobs, because you will also be like them.  Hang out with people inside the company who are motivated and those who are still interested to advance their career growth. Always surround yourself with the right people- Take time to analyze your friends and see whether they are adding value to your life. If you want to be financially successful you need to hang out with more people who are achieving great things in life.

The same rule applies for everything in your life, if you hang around with beauty experts and you read about what they do and what products they use- you also advance your knowledge and skills.  Attaining success is always about improving mental mindset.

Spend your time with people, who matter to you, create a list of people who are important to you and make sure to create space for them in your life. Do not be afraid to say no to interactions that do not improve your wellbeing.

About the Author:


Mindy Provenzky is a financial life coach; she is also a beauty blogger who is fond of using luxury skin care creams like L’core Paris. She has created a number of L’core Paris reviews, tips and guidelines about beauty skin care.