How to get Google certified?

One of the best ways to be considered as a tech savvy is to become Google certified, but how will this take place?

The exams that will be provided by Google will include a number of traditional questions and simulation. It would include tests that are related with Google Apps for Education and you will be supplied with a temporary account that you need to complete, you would be given a series of scenarios using this temporary account upon taking the test.

Why should you become certified?

Google is still considered the most reliable search engine in the world. By getting certified, you would be able to gain more opportunities in the digital tech world. Staying informed on how to use the latest Google applications and the ability to share this information is literally transforming. To become a real tech expert, you need to be able to understand how to maximize your learning process. You need to be able to actively engage in the changes that are occurring in the tech world.

Once you become certified as a Google educator on google products, you would be able to maximize the learning on how to efficiently make use of Google Drive, Sties, Gmail, and even incorporate this learning in the workplace. By empowering yourself, and increasing your education technology  literacy you make  your own projects faster and you would be able to transfer this knowledge to others as well.

How to get certified as a Social Media manager in other websites:

Google is not yet offering social media management certifications since this is an ever changing industry. But what people can do is sign up for the AdWords certification in order to understand how it works.  One of the choices that people can do who still want to learn about social media marketing is by signing up for lessons online

But the question here is if the lessons that are being offered online are credible and useful in the future? One of the main reasons why people take these types of courses is it makes them look more credible. When you have online certifications you have better chances of getting accepted for the job. By getting certified online by HootSuite is one way of becoming credible. It is a good way to understand the social media ecosystem. By taking more courses on social media, you will increase your chances of getting a fulltime job as a social media strategist.

Although most colleges and universities do not see this as something credible as of the moment, most tech savvy individuals would still consider these certifications a plus.  But to make sure that you are credible, you need to steadfastly work on campaigns that would make sure that the social media strategies are working.


Should you take a social media certification in school?

The answer is a big no, most of the effective social digital marketers are always learning and experimenting and most universities are not able to keep up with the trends yet. It would be better to do some self-study on how to best analyze social media marketing and start from there. Most of the social media management techniques are free online, there are so many tests and information provided online that when put together create a bulk of information that is necessary for someone who wants to progress in their social media marketing career.

Social media marketing is something you can apply in real life, but most of the courses in school that talk about it, even if it is provided by Harvard cannot keep up with the recent changes that have already happened in the digital marketing field.

The verdict is that, it is ok even if you do not enroll in a digital marketing course in school. All that you have to do is maximize your time online and visit important websites like,,, social Triggers, and get started on reading. You will be amazed with the bulk of information readily made available to you by others who have come before you in the social media marketing world. It is always a plus to get additional certificates, but you also need to make sure to make your own study and progress.

Remember that social media marketing is alive, even Google is always changing its analytics and it is important to keep up with the times. To be a tech savvy means you always need to stay true to learning as much information as you can and apply this in a short span of time.


The growing business trend in Social Media:

Most of the brand awareness campaigns are now being created by social media managers online. The value is about creating inbound content, and creating campaigns that provide value to others. As of the moment there is still very little information as to how this inbounds marketing online works, but these types of skills are becoming so in demand. About 85% of jobs are now being introduced using this informal job marketing as more and more companies are realizing the value and impact of social media presence. More and more people are getting hired just for simply knowing how to network regular online and offline.

The challenge for new social media managers is to create a good way to tell a story. To re-imagine how it must be told in the digital age and to spark up conversation with others because of it. Social media branding is about being actively able to engage people into getting into the story and making it a part of their life.  Authenticity and awareness if brought to the campaign many changes can be made because of it. Effective social media branding strategies have already been employed by companies like L’core Paris. Major skin care brands like Dove are also noting down the effects of these types of strategies and companies are striving to be more human and responsible when it comes to creating their products, even luxury cosmetic brands are now engaging their clients online with the idea of reaching out using a more genuine approach rather than a robotic kind of connection with clients.

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