The Benefits of Raw Honey

Traversing the world of natural skin care isn’t always easy. There are long, detailed lists of DIY recipes for the skin, and it’s difficult to discern what options are effective from the recipes that just sound made up. There are plenty of sugar and salt scrubs, homemade face masks made from honey or oatmeal, and there’s the question of green tea washes…it can be difficult to know what will be effective for your skin.

Because everyone has a different skin type and needs different treatments for it to work, people prefer simple ingredients that deliver powerful results. This is why one of the best natural cleansers is made from raw honey—this is a very gentle face washing technique that requires only one ingredient, and is beneficial for every skin type.

Using honey for food and a natural remedy has existed for centuries, with the earliest depiction of honey and honeycomb coming from Mesolithic rock paintings, created 8,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians believed in using honey for their therapeutic baths, in the name of ceremony and to heal wounds. Sweet and believed to never spoil, it has been long regarded as one of nature’s special gifts.

It is important to note that the honey found in grocery stores has been processed with heat, killing off important healing enzymes and destroying nutrient-rich content. Raw honey is the way to go if you want to maximize its benefits. But before buying, make sure to test it out on your skin to check for any allergic reactions, or ask your doctor if trying raw honey would be right for you.

Raw honey is a natural beauty solution fit for all skin types and has powerful skin benefits. It offers healing for acne tightens enlarged pores and soothes eczema outbreaks. Additionally, it can also heal hyperpigmentation and sensitive, aging, dull and lifeless skin.

Honey has a natural pH level of 4.5, and so it falls under a healthy pH range. It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that make it ideal for healing burns and cuts by destroying fungus and bacteria. To help with hyperpigmentation, raw honey also contains laconic acid. This is a mild alpha hydroxyl acid that can brighten up the skin’s complexion, even out skin tone and lighten age spots and scars.

A unique feature of honey is that depending on where it’s collected, it can contain a variety of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for skin health. Some of those nutrients and minerals are copper, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese and vitamin B. Because of honey’s rich sugar content, it can also act as a humectant, drawing out moisture from the air and letting it seep into the skin.

When honey mixes with water, it releases peroxide properties, helping to heal acne and preventing bacterial growth.

Raw Honey and Skin Care

Here are some examples on incorporating raw honey into your skin care routine:

  1. Face Mask – This mask can be made at night or in the morning. After washing your face, skip the cleanser and apply raw honey onto your face. Because you aren’t using a cleanser, the honey can remove bacteria without interference and moisturize the skin. Leave the honey on your face for twenty minutes before rinsing.
  1. Rash Cream – For people with dry skin and rashes, raw honey can be used to treat these skin problems. Apply some raw honey onto the affected area before going to sleep. If you’re treating several large patches of skin, use the honey as a mask and remove it after an hour.
  1. Pimple Cream – When you wake up and find a pimple on your face, don’t reach for regular acne cream. Instead, dab a bit of raw honey onto the pimple and in the morning, the redness should be reduced, if it hasn’t disappeared. Repeat this every night until the pimple disappears.
  1. Face Wash – Raw honey can be a lifesaver for people with dry skin. Using the raw honey, you can make a simple face cleanser by mixing a teaspoon of raw honey, two teaspoons of water and the juice of a lemon. If your honey is thick, blend this mixture. If the honey is thin enough, stir with a spoon. The lemon will get rid of dead skin cells and kill bacteria, while the honey can remove acne without drying out the skin.
  1. Anti-Aging Mask – You can also use the honey to make your own anti-aging mask. There are various recipes online, and each mixture can contain whole foods to help combat bacteria, release acids that can help cell turnover and cleanse the skin, vitamin E, antifungal properties, antioxidants and B-vitamins, helping against acne and preventing premature aging. Used a few times each week, you can find that your skin has fewer lines and feels much smoother after a month.

Get Your Clearest Skin Yet

It should be worth noting, however that despite the goodness that raw honey has to offer, it does not offer much exfoliation. To get truly clear skin, gentle exfoliation is still a must, and using products that offer natural ingredients is still the most effective way to go. If you are not sure about the effectiveness of honey, stick to using skin care products created from natural ingredients.

One such brand of note is L’Core Paris, which incorporates high-quality natural ingredients with the therapeutic properties of precious gemstones. The luxury brand is dedicated to delivering products that are effective, nontoxic and safe, without the use of artificial preservatives and colors.

And in the growing world of e-commerce, sometimes it can be difficult to discern if you are buying a genuine product or not. It’s best to buy products directly from the company’s website, or from reputable sellers, to avoid getting scammed into buying counterfeit products. Another way to tell that a product is genuine is by reading up on reviews—who knows, that review on L’Core Paris fake products could be insisting that the products are too expensive, but offers no opinion on any harmful effects on the skin or any facial harm. True L’Core Paris products are crafted with high-quality ingredients and from product to packaging aims for a truly luxurious experience.