Hot Enough: Are Self-Heating Face Masks Worth it?

There are times when having a skin care routine feels like magic. Think about it: you use different products that have essences and ingredients that transform your skin from dull to radiant. And sometimes there are tips for our skin care routines that take advantage of temperature. There have been people who use ice to tighten their pores.

But there are few skin care products that have explored what heat can do to our faces. Out of all the treatments and serums available on the market, none is more magical than the self-heating face mask.

How do these masks work? The self-heating process is a chemical reaction. There are chemicals that heat up when exposed to water. Before using a deep pore cleaning mask, there are products that recommend you use a hot compress, or steam to open up your pores. These masks work similarly, they gently heat up to detoxify your skin.

As soon as self-heating masks are rubbed into the skin, they increase oxygen and blood flow, encouraging the pores to open up so they can deep clean. While the feeling of heat applied directly to the skin can feel good, most masks should be used once a week. Otherwise, if used too often they can dry up your skin. And if you feel concerned about self-heating masks burning your skin, the heat is gentle, comfortable and temporary.

If your skin suffers from clogged pores, blemishes or excess oil, you could benefit from applying a self-heating mask once a week. The gentle heating is pleasant, and when it opens your pores, the mask helps other ingredients in the treatment do its work. One such ingredient is kaolin—it can absorb oil and works deeper to absorb any dirt and other impurities.

As the weather steadily gets colder, the appeal of masks that give your face temporary heat is higher than ever. It gives a similar feeling to soaking in a bathtub, without the wrinkly skin you get for staying in too long.

There are self-heating masks to suit every budget, but none are as luxurious as the L’Core Paris Lavo Bio Thermal Mask. This thermal mask has ruby powder in its formula, enriched with thermal spring water, vitamins and organic extracts.  You can get the gentle warming sensation as soon as the mask comes into contact with clean, damp skin. In no time at all, the mask can remove dead skin cells and can encourage skin cell renewal.

When people conducted an L’Core luxury review they experienced the magic of self-heating masks, and reported good results for their skin. While there were a number that complained about the high price, the overall quality of the product and the positive effects on their skin could not be denied. It is important to note that only a genuine L’Core product can give effective and immediate results without negative side-effects.

To make sure that the products you are buying is genuine, it’s best to go directly to the brand’s website or to the brand’s official stores instead of buying from third-party sellers. This way, you can avoid getting scammed.