The strategy that beauty blogger Michelle Phan worked and this has helped a lot of brands to earn more. As a result some of the biggest luxury brands in the world have adopted this technique. They were able to prove the influence of beauty bloggers when it comes to commanding market sales.

Beauty brands like L’Oreal, La Prairie, L’core Paris, Olay, Revlon and other luxury brands are now learning to create successful video on their own using a number of beauty bloggers and social media platforms.

One of the techniques that L’Oreal Paris used is the creation of a number of video properties. Google for example has 101 YouTube channels, while some do not believe that this is an effective type of strategy, this proved to be useful when it comes to marketing, because it was able to focus on a number of keywords and segments. Top brands like Olay and Revlon are also using Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook pages to promote their products online.


L’Oreal has adopted the lesson, and the beauty brand has 61 video properties in 39 different countries. L’Oreal has benefitted from using this strategy. They used this in the belief that there is no single approach when it comes to video creation. What they did was create a number of YouTube sites that would cater to a number of audiences.

The product endorsers were varied, there are some YouTube sites that spke about the experiences of a native Brazilian using L’oreal and her experiences with Micellar Water.  There are also other L’Oreal YouTube sites that speak about the experiences of Asian customers.

This revolutionary way of creating videos for tutorials is also a strategy that is being looked into by emerging cosmetic brand L’Core Paris.

The cosmetic brand L’core Paris has received a number of positive reviews online and is looking into creating more videos that would help explain to clients the benefits of using the product. L’core Paris has already perfected the use of groundbreaking technology when it comes to creating advanced skin care creams that make use of real gold and diamond powder.


More and more skin care experts and beauty bloggers are commenting as to how effective the product is. L’core Paris is expected to reach the same amount of success that L’Oreal Paris was able to attain in the inbound marketing of its products through the use  of social media branding.

The power of social media is no longer underestimated. More and more millennial buyers are tuning into these video tutorial sites and blog sites to read about products that reflect what they need the most when it comes to their skin care problems. In the coming years, more beauty  influencers and bloggers are expected to create a new list of niche brands for consumers to follow and benefit from.

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Kanako Hara is a beauty skin care expert. She has worked with a number of cosmetic brands like Paula’s Choice, Orogold and L’Core Paris. For more information about advanced skin care technology check the main website www.lcoreparis.com

The main website of L’core Paris contains the latest L’core Paris reviews about the recent skin care product innovations.