Before it became a power house brand in the cosmetic industry, Revlon has undergone major changes.

It first started out as a chic beauty product in 1932 and evolved into one of the best luxury brand of cosmetics worldwide. Revlon was able to conceptualize itself due to the hardships experienced during the time of America’s Great Depression.

The brothers who created the Revlon products are Charles and Joseph REvson who coined the term Revlon. This was the first opaque nails enamel and challenged the current nail polish shades that were available during that time. Due to the pigmented formula that Revlon was selling from door to door it was able to establish itself.

The formula became so popular that Revlon was able to expand its products in major department stores and beauty salons. Revlon was able to achieve its global status, because of its ability to innovate as a company; just like emerging skin care brands today Revlon serves as a good motivation for companies like L’core Paris.

L’core Paris an emerging skin care brand has banked on perfecting the use of advanced skin care products. It has focused on using nanotechnology patents in creating skin care products that are made from real gold and diamonds.  Due to this attention to detail it was able to enter the US market and is now making a name for itself just like Revlon.


Brands like Revlon and L’core Paris are able to innovate.  The key is to making sure that the products look desirable. Because of effective product branding, almost every model in the US wanted to be a part of the Revlon campaign. The owners of Revlon created a mix and match of everything and created a demand for lipsticks and nail polish that was unprecedented. Because of this effective branding strategy they were able to establish the “American Look”.  It continued its efforts and have expanded to fragrances and depicted empowered women who go to work.

Celebrity spokeswomen were used as a branding strategy for Revlon. The appointment of real women to speak for the brand like super models and Hollywood celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor became such a huge hit. To this day Revlon is still using celebrity spokesperson to campaign for the brand like Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

Revlon remains focused on its branding and give particular importance to individuality. They allow their product endorsers to shine, the freckles of Emma Stone for example was not edited in any of the campaigns of Revlon. The aim of the brand is to allow women to present their stand out beauty. A lot of successful women have been associated with the brand like Salma Hayek, Julianne Moore, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry and Oprah Winfrey.

Like Revlon, the advanced skin care products from L’core Paris are undergoing major changes. It is bringing innovation and on trend products.  The brand wants to reflect what the modern woman is as it continues to grow with the times.


About the Author:

ig03Lisa Kudrow is a makeup artist and stylist for Summit Magazine Asia. She is using L’core Paris products and reviewed the Emerald Collagen Cream. She gave L’core Paris positive reviews.

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