Hi! I am Juliana Palermo, an author and meditation lover. I  am promoting the use of positive thinking and good well being when it comes to facing life problems, including skin care problems.

When people talk about beauty, most of the topic that people write about is just the transformation on the outside, but what about the mental mindset?

Positive thinking and living a life filled with better thoughts have helped me gain a better and healthy glow. Before you can even attain a healthy looking skin, you need a healthy mindset that is prepared to love your body as well as your skin.

What is my skin care regimen?

The first thing that you need to learn is how to love your body, but this does not happen overnight. It took me several years before I realized that I was worth it and that focusing on myself and my life career should be a top priority in life. As a millennial, it was normal for me to want a job that gave meaning for myself, but a lot of jobs do not fit into these description and I ended up transferring from one job to another, not to mention the fact that I did not even think of ways to improve the way I look and the way I am leading my life.

The skin care regimen and the use of luxury skin care cosmetics came as a result of the need to take care of my self. I noticed that I started having sagging skin and the darkness underneath my eyes was really becoming too bothersome  not to meddle with. I thought that by simply washing my face overnight before sleeping that I would be able to protect my skin. On top of that my life in Las Vegas is too busy that I don’t even have time to meditate or think about what I truly want in life.

After more than 7 years of not having anytime for myself. I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and this is where I discovered the Law of Attraction. I started becoming interested in the Law of Attraction and Positive thinking.

The first thing that I wrote on my notebook of wishes and vision is that I wanted to look better and feel better about myself. I wanted to be the best version of myself and I wanted to be on top my game. Looking good and being physically present and in the moment became crucial for me.

I happen to walk by a skin care cosmetic store In Las Vegas, at first I thought L’core Paris was a scam. L’core Paris scam is not a new idea in a person’s mind whenever they hear about products that are far too expensive.

But, due to several months of meditation and focused work I was able to afford this skin care product and I had to do this L’core Paris review myself. I went inside the casino at Mandalay Bay and to my surprise have ended up winning a promo created by L’core Paris. I won certain privileges to gain access to the use of this luxurious creams and I got really excited. I had to try it after all despite the L’core Paris ripoff claims online I have heard so many amazing things about this high end luxury brand and I was grateful to be able to use it.


When I started thinking more positive, I have more rewarding thoughts and felt no worries or troubles about my finances. In fact, I had more time to appreciate myself- my life and what I am doing and this has convinced me to purchase skin care creams and facial toners to help me feel better about myself.

You see, the law of attraction really works but you need to couple it with meditation and focused thought.

Adding Luxury Skin care cosmetics on my skin:

I was treated to a decadent and luxurious facial inside Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay and it was really the experience of a lifetime. I saw two women trying on the golden face masks. The ingredients contains actual gold leaf extract and it was guaranteed to improve your skin within just several days of use. Even just one day of use and application you can already see results. I was grateful and really impressed by the technique used and took this photo.


The facial application procedure lasts for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. The staff was really friendly and I felt really amazing that day. Since I started feeling better about who I am I also got to explore more things and events that I have not even tried before.

Feeling luxurious and being able to afford a high end lifestyle is not something that should feel so far fetched for anyone. While I am not really a casino goer, I did love the journey that came alongside the use of these products from L’core Paris.


L’core Paris stores located in Las Vegas, Nevada look and feel luxurious. You see when you are just starting out in the positive thinking form of thinking- this is the kind of mood you like to be in. I went inside and tested some of the products that I found on the L’core Paris stores. After doing the facials and experiencing a wonderful treatment from the staff.

I am leaving this L’core Paris reviews for others to try and experience it too. I blended the positive thinking ideas in here as a way for people to start thinking about abundance. Facial creams that are expensive and luxurious does not have to seem like a scam or ripoff. It is just a response that if you are doing something right in your life then you would be able to manifest success and wonderful things like L’core Paris products and creams.

I will be doing more L’core reviews on my favorite L’core Paris products in the coming days. Stay put for the next article about the wonders of eye serums and neck masks as well as facial masks with gold.