Twitter is without a doubt one of the best types of social media platforms when it comes to advertising, but how does one stand out on Twitter and what makes a person more intriguing. How does one attract more Twitter followers and become a powerful social media influencer?

The Twitter bio of your account must be real and must sound authentic. You need to use attractive keywords that would make people search for you specifically.  Make the keywords count and if possible mention positions and achievements in life.

Use the Twitter Lists to become more organized

By creating your own list, you reduce the number of confusion you have when using your Twitter account especially for a brand you are promoting. This would help you out in finding other Tweeters who are also engaged and doing the same thing like you.

Keep the Tweets short

People don’t usually retweet to lengthy content when it comes to Twitter, always follow the rules keep it short and sweet so that people can retweet you easily.


Reply to People

One of the most effective ways in engaging people is replying to them. If they follow you, make sure to follow them as well and make a strong connection. Reply to people who give you a retweet and build a dialogue from there. Be there and engage people with certain topics that are really important to you and this will get your account going.

Make a list of engaging influencers on Twitter as well as Audience

There are active tweeters out there and you have to keep notice of them. If they are engaging a lot of people on Tweeter by talking and responding then make sure that they are your best buddies.

Share amazing quotes

Inspiring quotes and quotes that motivate people are still the best things to share on Twitter. People are still looking for something useful to read.

Talk about what you are doing or eating

This would make the account more authentic and would create a personality especially if you want to be known as a social media influencer. But make sure to include attractive and engaging photos and do this in moderation one or two posts about where you are or your favorite restaurant would do.


Be social and join the trending Hashtags

On Twitter you cannot be anti-social, always check for the trending topics on the right side of the page and post topics related about this one. This would make you a social being and there is a higher chance of retweet because the interest is high for a particular topic.

Make sure to create meaningful content:

There are so many automated accounts from Twitter and these automated accounts are too obvious. People do not really read them or follow them. It would be best to get 30% of your own content out there. Create your own tweets, and make sure to post 60% curated content that is interesting for a lot of people. After this, make sure that the promotional items are only at a minimal to avoid annoying your followers.

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Donita Lebinzky is a social media manager for L’core Paris. She has created a number of curated content and L’core Paris reviews for the brand.

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